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Paolo Castelli

The Castelli family started making ebony pieces in Bologna at the beginning of the 20th century. Now the brand Paolo Castelli still makes custom-made furniture using an artisanal method and creates sophisticated collections distinguished by great care for details and materials thanks to the collaboration with prestigious designers and the finest Italian craftsmen.
Exceptional furnishings and complements, the result of unprecedented creative solutions in which an aesthetic of elegant essentialities is interpreted through the culture and ethos of multifaceted and complex research: a journey in the innovation of hospitality and the dream of living space.

Premium Italian furniture-maker PAOLO CASTELLI’s roots stretch all the way back to 1877, and today, four generations later, the family company is the perfect choice to be partnering with House of Europe.

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Established in the city of Porto (Portugal) in 2004, Laskasas is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade furniture, upholstery and metalwork pieces, for residential and commercial projects.

Laskasas furniture and upholstery collections strive to honour and elevate Portuguese heritage of craftsmanship.

Each piece is a new perspective of traditional design, defying laws of silhouettes, materials and textures combinations.

With long-lasting expertise, Laskasas pieces are available exclusively to House of Europe

The contemporary reinterpretation has influences of the Scandinavian functionality, the Italian luxury and the French glamour.

Comfort is so important that it hasn’t a nationality or particular roots.

Laskasas has established its reputation as a leading furniture firm, creating spaces with a certain feeling that work has hubs of energy in any project.

Everything is carefully handmade in our warehouse.

We are a curated furniture brand that joins contemporary interior designers, architects, decorators, dealers and furniture showrooms in their ever-changing interior design journeys.

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Ana Roque

Ana Roque Interiors is a portuguese luxury brand that specialises in handmade mid century modern/art deco furniture and lighting using only high quality materials and elegant aesthetics.History, tradition, and exclusivity are what Ana Roque Interiors delivers through its high-quality furniture, handcrafted in Portugal by the hands of a team of experts that follow the footsteps of the Portuguese craftsmanship. The uniqueness is also the result of a careful selection of the raw materials used such as glass, stainless steel, brass, wood, among others. Created in 1996 by Ana Roque, a recognised Portuguese interior designer that started developing products of excellence dedicated to the global luxury segment. Ana Roque Interiors is an elegant and sophisticated design brand. Their style: elegance and sophistication. They work to make our pieces timeless and this is only possible thanks to their minimalist’s design that with some details can make the difference and confers the brand signature. Proud to be partnering with House of Europe for Australian luxury homes and projects.

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Hommés Studio

HOMMÉS was born from a skilled merge of visionary identities, with distinctive perspectives of design, art, fashion, and cultures. Our brand’s life motto is introducing an Haute Couture concept in the Interior Design industry.
In HOMMÉS we believe that a house must express the owner’s soul, as clothes express the personality of the person who dresses them. With the clear intention of introducing a nouveau Haute Couture Interiors concept, presenting spaces with bold and unique identities, we have focused ourselves on the deep study of different interior trends throughout the 20th and the 21th century, paying special attention to how they can fit contemporary spaces. With that purpose in mind, we craft our very own identity with precision, challenging the boundaries of the interior into the limit.

From its natural look and textures to highly polished and colored versions, all our pieces are a tribute to craftsmanship, honoring the art of creating soulful pieces with handmade techniques.

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The history of Jetclass begins in 2001 when, in the North of Portugal, it’s launched a furniture brand with a unique purpose: to conceive exclusive and exquisite pieces capable of transform any ambiance into a glamorous space.

Delicate shapes, subtle decorative details, rare handwork techniques and a poetic design – this is the philosophy that makes Jetclass’ products inimitable and inspiring. With its own factory, technology and craftsmanship are side by side during the production of collections that excel for differentiation and quality. Art crafts such as gold leaf application, carving and upholstery are performed by the hands of artisans that honour the legacy and history of the Portuguese furniture.

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Established in 2009, Domkapa is an upholstery specialized brand based in Northern Portugal. We value the combination of four main elements: manual sewing techniques, high design solutions, comfort, and high-quality materials.

Domkapa started its path by doing Private Label services producing furniture and upholstery items. This long and fruitful path, full of experience and achievements triggered the born of a New Brand’s Identity and Independence, in 2017, focused on creating the perfect meeting between comfort and design.



Domkapa holds a tremendous passion for detailed stitching, presenting several similarities to the haute-couture philosophy focused on the value of a “made by hand”.

Brand’s philosophy is adding value to each item, making it one-of-a-kind.

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